How to starting a business in singapore 2015


How to starting a business in singapore 2015

Finding premises for bussines in Singapore 2015 - Welcome to the Era of Global Competition. Namely the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. The total population of around 600 Million People ASEAN, and most of the 250 million in Indonesia. And a small portion is in Singapore. Although the country is the smallest country in the world, but the development of highly advanced technology. Singapore is a developed country in the ASEAN region.

You need to know, Singapore is famous for her bureaucracy running smoothly, which saw inter-agency co-operation work seamlessly to help your business grow and thrive. Here's experience of starting a business in the country of Singapore:

How to starting a business in singapore 2015

How to licensing in the state of Singapore? Porses only need half an hour and 315 SGD (if dikurs around 2.9 Million) to start opening a business license. Very cheap for entrepreneurs opening a new business there. The size of the service that does not reach more than 1 day, even just 30 minutes, a measure fantastic time.

No wonder, many investment - investment to grow and flourish in Singapore. They also do not worry about investing in this lion country. Due to security and certainty to invest and open a business secured and governed by the laws of Singapore with good government.

Here is the official information from the Department of Labor  / Ministry of Manpower Singapore:

A person can open a business in Singapore with ease because of Bizfile. A system that allows a person to register their business online in Singapore. Ease of his is with the system we did not bother to come to the office of government services such as in Indonesia, because all records and data is directly integrated into Business Licensing Section in Singapore.

Global businesses will find it advantageous to site their headquarters in Singapore. Strong trade and investment that makes Singapore the most competitive Asian countries and the easiest place in the world to do business.

By placing their international headquarters here, companies benefit from a network of more than 50 comprehensive Singapore DTA. They also benefit from the various free trade agreements Singapore and Investment Guarantee Agreement. The company can always count on the protection of their ideas and innovation through strict enforcement of Singapore's strong intellectual property laws.

How Registering a business in Singapore 2015 ?

Very easy enrollment and services in this country. Not too complicated in its registration. You can easily register a business, including overseas branch offices, online at Bizfile by the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Foreign companies wishing to establish a representative office in Singapore can approach this government agency:

  1. Banking, finance and insurance - Monetary Authority of Singapore
  2. Law - Attorney General's Chambers
  3. All other industries - International Enterprise Singapore
  4. Useful summary can be found in EnterpriseOne.

Looking for a place in Singapore 2015

When it comes to the locale, the business is not short on options. Is located in the heart of the civil district or in a suburban estate, located in uber-modern luxury or flatted factories, businesses sure premium facilities and infrastructure.

See the list of business parks and industrial estates specifically by the Economic Development Council.

Singapore maintains excellence in human resources with a strong pool of local talent, as well as international labor capable. Comprehensive Look at our labor market. There are many online recruitment portal and head-hunting agencies available here, while information on recruitment and training can be found on the website EnterpriseOne. You also might want to explore the EDB training program offered in partnership with many companies.

Laws and Regulations in Singapore

To see a complete list of laws, visiting Singapore Statue online.

Do you already have a job career outlook in Singapore?

That was information How to starting a business in singapore 2015. From the above information, career opportunities and business in Singapore is very promising. Easy service, and supported facilities and government assistance that is very useful.
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