Best Health Insurance Companies 2015


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Best Health Insurance Companies 2015
A comparison of the policies proposed by health insurance companies Axa. While in the world guarantee covers nearly all the necessary medical care, increasing the number of people who decide to take out a policy to protect their health from possible injuries or serious illnesses. With health insurance policies, in fact, you can cover all expenses related to care, to the necessary medicines, as well as those inherent in surgery or transfers. The insurance policies also allow you to enjoy a range of warranties for all those specialized care, made within the private clinics, otherwise inaccessible for many, due to the very high price. To choose the health insurance policy that suits your personal needs, it is essential to carefully evaluate and compare offers from multiple insurance companies. To facilitate this task, below, we give some suggestions made by banks and insurance companies.


Health insurance marketplace - Axa Insurance offers insurance protection Health, suitable for those who wish to protect their person, through a system of guarantees, which allows you to enjoy full coverage of health care.In this way, simple and immediate access to insurance coverage, the process of hospitalization public and private health insured is much easier. The Health Protection makes it possible to assist the patient in all its course health, from prevention to diagnosis, from hospitalization, up to the treatment or to a possible intervention; Furthermore, the bill of health Axa allows to have coverage even in cases in which is required a period of convalescence or rehabilitation. Health Protection is a policy customizable, able to meet the needs of the insured with the following three formulas:

  • comprehensive health insurance;
  • integrated insurance;
  • special health insurance.

The first type of policy allows you to completely protect the insured is in the case of minor illnesses and events, both in the case of more serious health problems. The ceiling offered, therefore, is unlimited, which allows you to cover medical expenses related to hospitalization (but also the reimbursement related to extra hospitalization) in private clinics foreign.

The second option, however, allows the integration of the health insurance policy, with that already offered by the national health system, in order to make the service more light in economic terms, as well as better for the quality of performance.

The third formula, however, is that which is stipulated in severe cases and sudden, for example, when it is necessary to protect the family by a disabling event, or when, for example, it is necessary to repay the cost of surgeries and for this very specific onerous. This formula ensures even coverage of medical expenses and also a possible provision of an annuity, in cases where it was necessary assistance to permanent severe disability.


Toro Assicurazioni allows you to enjoy a range of health insurance policies, specific and customizable for every need; you can choose from the following formulas:

  • Toro Protection Evolution;
  • Support for Health;
  • Doctor more Evolution;
  • Great Health.

Toro Protection Evolution allows you to compensate the insured sum equal to the size of the accident, in case of death of the same, however, the heirs will receive compensation amounting inside insured capital, convertible into an annuity. This health insurance also lets you choose from a range of optional guarantees that ensure the reimbursement of medical expenses, up to the coverage of the ceiling chosen, or a daily allowance in case of temporary disability. Should it be necessary to resort to major surgery, the Toro Privacy Evolution, allows you to cover all the costs involved in the investigation and care before, during and after the operation. In the event of death and permanent disability caused by the earthquake, the insurance company provides coverage up to a maximum of € 250,000.

The policy Support Health is recommended for all those who have an age between 60 and 65 years and feel the need for financial assistance for medical expenses, in the event of serious illness. The insurance provides for the supply of a range of assistance, including basic care, the Medical Advice Program, integrated home care and telemedicine. The table below will provide indications about lump refunds offered by Toro insurance, in cases of serious injury.


How to Compare Health Insurance 2015 ? -General Insurance offers insurance DettoFatto Health, which provides compensation even if they are not expenses incurred, regardless of the hospital in which you choose to receive health care. In addition, the bill of Generali, allows access to a complete product, as well as flexible and customizable depending on the level of coverage you want to have. The policy DettoFatto health of Generali, allows use of the following custom formulas: Section diseases; section injuries; Warranty Support.

Also in this case, each type of lesion corresponds a refund clear and precise, so that the insured knows in advance the sum of which may have from the company. It is always good coverage in case of permanent disability arising from any type of injury; in this regard, you can choose between the following options:

  • permanent disability with a deductible of 25%, specifically for those who need protection posthumously, for injuries that cause permanent disability of more than 25%;
  • permanent disability allowance 5%, specific for those who need more coverage, in cases of disability exceeding 5%.

Florida and Texas Health Insurance Companies 2015 - The insurance DettoFatto Health may also extend into the future, in order to protect their loved ones through a paid-up capital, in case of injury and death of the insured. Also for the injury section are valid the same relief, in case it is decided to ensure the entire family. Choosing the Warranty Support, you ensure completely from any health problem, since it constitutes the highest level of the policy proposed by Generali. This section allows you to have guaranteed the following benefits:

  1. a guide health telephone;
  2. medical advice online 24 hours 24;
  3. sending home of a physician, a nurse or a physical therapist;
  4. home delivery of medicines, the outcomes of investigations and also the expenditure;
  5. transport by ambulance to the hospital and then to the house;
  6. transfer to a care specialist, if it were necessary;
  7. the journey of a family / carer.
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