Best : Wharton business school university of pennsylvania 2015


Wharton business school university of pennsylvania BMA Fees 2015 - Find wharton business school philadelphia address ? An overview of the Business School presenting today the most extensive and diverse range of postgraduate training. To be chosen according to programs, travel opportunities and professional objectives. The peculiarity of the Business School is the high specialization in post-graduate training and executive. Their core business is precisely to provide the skills to enter and emerge in the world of work. The name itself identifies the theoretical and practical teaching and their being a liaison between the university and the world of work. Often business schools employ foreign teachers who have years of experience in the field and / or in management positions in the sector of reference of the Master. University of Pennsylvania is one of the best universities in the world 2015. You can look for Wharton business school ranking 2015

Best Wharton business school university of pennsylvania 2015

Best Wharton business school university of pennsylvania 2015

Moreover, as a rule, postgraduate Master of Business School are associated with internships that provide participants with a direct contact with the company and the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge learned and developed during the Master. Last but not least, many business schools also offer a guidance service that facilitates the placement post master. Read Also : Wharton business school class of 2015.

History Wharton business school

Joseph Wharton founded the school in 1881 as the first collegiate business school in the United States.1 Regarded as an innovator and visionary, his purpose was to "provide a liberal education in all matters related to finance and economics." Wharton published the first textbook business, established the first research center in a business school, created the first center for entrepreneurship, created the first program in international management, established the first MBA in health care and real estate and the first executive education program developed. Today Wharton is considered one of the leading business schools and management of the world, and employs the largest cloister of 304 professors. Wharton is recognized for its innovative leadership and a great academic strength in every major discipline and at every level of education in the field of business. The school has about 2,320 students, 1,671 MBA and doctoral students, and a network of over 80,000 alumni in 139 countries around the world.

Wharton business school ranking 2015

In the ranking of Business Week, Wharton is third behind the Booth School of Business and Harvard Business School, while Forbes ranking, Wharton in fourth place behind Harvard, Stanford and Chicago Booth . Wharton occupies third place in the US News MBA ranking behind Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. In European rankings, Wharton is third in the ranking of the British newspaper Financial Times, and 15 in The Economist. View : Wharton business school ranking 2015
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