Chinese New Year 2015 Holidays


Chinese New Year 2015 Public Holidays - What day is chinese new year 2015 ? Looking for Chinese New Year 2015 Calender ? The Spring Festival, known abroad as Chinese New Year, is the most important of the year, comparable to Christmas in Western countries. Next February will start the year .... The festival falls on the first day of the first lunar month (the date varies each year from January 21 to February 20) and ends with the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The festivities usually begin one to two days before Christmas Eve. ( Taiwan - Hongkong - Malaysia - Kuta Bali - Singapore - Beijing )

Chinese New Year 2015 Holidays

Chinese New Year celebrations and Festival 2015

Chinese New Year celebrations and Festival 2015 - This festival is celebrated throughout China and provides a large number of exhibitions and activities that take place in the city and in the countryside, as the fireworks and dragon dance and lion. A few days before the start of the holidays is a tradition to clean the house. The cleaning of the home, in the allegorical sense, it means getting rid of the bad luck that has accumulated during the year that is about to end. At the same time are prepared various interior decoration, usually red, that are hung on doors and windows and have the auspicious meaning. Generally these are reasons scraps of paper with the Chinese character for luck and images of fish, children, peaches or other traditional symbols.

Things to do in China in Chinese New Year eve - The Chinese New Year 2015 is the time when the family gets together and spend the holidays together. No matter where you clothes, especially during this time of year everyone returns to their home country to spend time with their parents and family members. No coincidence that this is also the busiest time of the year, trains or and planes are booked well in advance, it is almost impossible to find a ticket at the last moment. So if you want to travel to China at this time we recommend that you carefully plan your trip at least a month in advance.

Guide day-to-day Chinese New Year 2015

fireworks Parade - If you will be in China during the festivities of the end of January and February, the following information may be helpful for planning your trip. We provide you with important information not only about the traffic and the closing time of banks and offices, but we also give you advice on where to go to watch the fireworks or the many other activities taking place during this festive period.

The peak period begins January 16, 2015 and ending February 25 and is characterized by excessively congested transport. However, the period between January 30 and February 1 knows a considerable drop in the air and rail traffic, because these are the days when everyone is bound by tradition to stay at home with their family. Find chinese new year animals 2015 ?
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