Forex Trading Market Hours 2015


Forex Times and Opening Markets Forex 2015 - The forex market is open 24 hours a day, every day except Saturday and Sunday. Opens on Monday morning in Asia (Sunday evening in Europe) and closes in the afternoon American (Friday night in Europe). However we must be careful because not all states follow the convention of daylight saving and solar and this causes problems in accurately define times of Forex. Moreover, even the countries that adopt the convention often move the clocks with a few days / week of discrepancy. So there are times when the opening of the forex markets takes place at different times and the world trading sessions do not overlap in the same way. Hours Realtime Forex. Forex Market Time Converter. Forek Times in christmas

Forex Trading Market Hours 2015

Opening of Financial Markets GMT 2015

"Forex trading sessions GMT". By convention the time zone used as a reference in the financial markets is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which usually is associated to London time, but not everyone knows that the clocks of London are not always synchronized with the GMT. From October to March London coincides with the GMT time, but from April to September in London is GMT +1. In general, countries in the Northern Hemisphere that adhere to the Convention moving the clocks in the same direction. The Southern Hemisphere countries instead move the hands in the opposite direction. For example London in summer is GMT + 1 while Sydney is GMT + 10. In winter, while England brings back the clocks going to GMT, Australia will move forward to finding GMT + 11. The hours of difference then pass from 9 to 11. Not taking into account the time-related changes described above, the graph of example the opening hours of the financial markets (based on time Italian) is as follows : ( Trading session indicator )

Forex Trading session Hours Update 2015

The most important square of the Asian session is to Tokyo followed by Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. The liquidity in the Asian session is not very high, the exchanges are few except for couples that include the Yen. This is because to participate in the stock and bond markets Japanese institutional investors have to change in the yen generally kept their assets in US dollars. These capital flows have an important impact especially on the USD / JPY pair even if the most volatile session is GBP / JPY. 

And 'the focus of the financial markets, and especially the forex market with London undisputed queen of trade due to the fact that the major banks have their headquarters in the capital. Taken individually is the forex session where there is the greatest number of transactions which guarantees a lot of liquidity and efficiency in the financial markets. The volatility obviously increases by offering more opportunities to trade with, but shall increase the width of the stop loss to accommodate greater fluctuations. 

As trading volume session American ranks in second place after the European one. In fact it has a maximum peak of exchanges in the hours when the European markets are still open, but then the liquidity decreases significantly as long as there is any conference or meeting. When the European traders leaving their offices is better to focus on other currencies such as USD / CAD for example whose markets are both open. The only open market is Australian and liquidity is virtually nonexistent, the Asian session is often considered only when Tokyo is open.

Opening session forex 

The best trading opportunities often occur when the global financial markets overlap. Knowing this time of forex to take advantage of opportunities that are very important. Overlapping session Forex Asia-Europe : Namely Between Markets in Frankfurt and Tokyo opening of London. Overlapping session Forex Euro-American : Another important time is 15:30 coincide stock market opening in New York when capital flows into or out of the stock market (and then buy or sell dollars for other currencies) can cause drastic changes in the current trend. 

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