Best Auto Insurance Companies 2016


Compare Auto Insurance 2016 in the world - Are you looking for the best Auto insurance for your vehicle 2016 ? Find cheapest auto insurance companies reviews 2016 or ? Do you for new drivers ? Do you live in California - New York - Canada - Hong Kong- USA ( United State ) - New zealand - Australia or Singapore ? I will give you the latest information about List of All Auto or Car insurance in 2016. List insurance telephone Best companies to save - The ever-increasing pace of our days force us to choose the insurance company best suited to our needs quickly and fast, and to do this some insurance provide convenient services telephone and online.

Best Auto Insurance Companies 2016


Best Auto Insurance Companies in Italy 2016 - Phone companies usually provide the complementary online service with which you can request, by entering some information, the budget that we need. To request a quote for the RCA, for example, you need to have on hand the vehicle registration document, knowing the class of merit, a plaque, commencement and expiry of the policy in the course, as well as the year of registration. You can do it quickly on the phone with an operator of the chosen company or enter all data directly online, in which case the budget will come to you via e-mail or post. The first Auto Insurance Companies to which web users have expressed greater satisfaction is Zurich Connect. On the home page of the site shows policies viewable. Accessing the card chosen, for example, Auto Insurance, you can get information, ask the budget, managing the policy and report a claim. 

Fees and services also interesting from Direct Line, although for those who want to take advantage of the option telephone the site can not be very clear. Indeed, the home page does not appear in the phone number to contact the company. To view it, you must click on the links information packages, which selected, the second page shows the customer support number. Interesting is the Direct Bonus promotion for customers. Through agreements with brands such as Groupon, Foppapedretti, Wind, Sony and others, you can convert the value of purchases made through the site in coupons for gasoline or other products. Also this company also offers discounts on family policies.

Top list of Auto Insurance Companies in Spanish ( Espanyol ) 2016 - MAPFRE is the leading insurer that offers all types of insurance for your needs. We offer various services to our customers, door to door service, roadside assistance, vehicle replacement, windshield repair at home, etc. MAPFRE covers all services for your car: Auto insurance, vehicle sales, financing, renting. Online quote and the quote for your Auto insurance and be part of the MAPFRE group. Company of the highest prestige and quality in hiring car insurance.

Calculating Car or Auto Insurance

Calculating Car or Auto InsuranceCalculating Auto insurance : the parameters to keep in mind - The choice of Auto insurance has become an operation that requires a minimum of knowledge to be carried out in the best possible way. Are indeed different notions to know to make the best choice, which guarantees the necessary covers and let the other hand a good money saver. Let's see what are the main parameters that are taken into account in the calculation of the insurance premium for Auto insurance.

Data on vehicle 

The characteristics of the vehicle that we are going to ensure a strong influence on the final cost of the insurance premium: a vehicle underpowered and new, in fact, you will see an average applied rate for auto insurance much lower compared to a supercar with a few years to shoulders. Let's see what are the vehicle data to consider :

  1. Date of registration : indicates the length of a vehicle. Over the vehicle is old, the more it is subject to wear and, consequently, in lower performance. So the greater the age of the vehicle, the higher the price of the insurance premium to pay.
  2. Vehicle power : indicates if the vehicle goes to petrol, diesel, LPG, or otherwise. Usually vehicles fueled by diesel and LPG is charged at a rate slightly higher, because being less than the cost of fuel is supposed to be more miles driven, and therefore will be higher the risk of accidents occurring.
  3. Year of purchase of the vehicle : indicates the year in which the vehicle was purchased, if that date differs from the date of registration.
  4. Model of vehicle : indicates the vehicle's power, expressed in horsepower or KW. It is this factor that most of all affect the cost of insurance. The higher the power of the vehicle, in fact, the higher the insurance premium to pay, because the most powerful vehicles is statistically associated with an increased risk of accidents.
  5. Preparation of the vehicle : indicates all the options held by the vehicle. Generally, this does not impact on the RC car, but could have an influence in the event that it be accompanied of collateral.
  6. Type of use of the vehicle :  indicates the use which might be made of the vehicle. The more uses (for the family, for work, for travel, etc.), the greater the amount of the policy, because a greater number of kilometers traveled is statistically associated with an increased risk of accidents do.
  7. Other vehicle accessories : indicates a series of rumors regarding various accessories that the vehicle has. These could be the ABS and airbags, anti-theft and night shelter, all of which lower the premium of the policy.

The driver related data 

In addition to the characteristics of the vehicle, very important are the characteristics of the insured driver: age, sex and place of residence are in fact associated with the statistics of risk appetite, which increase or decrease the premium of the policy. Natural or legal person indicates if the insured driver is a natural person or a legal person. Usually the second case is associated to a greater insurance premium because the larger, statistically, the number of kilometers traveled.

Data relating to the insurance situation

Finally, they are very important data on the insurance status of the insured person. The insurance history, in fact, going to affect the class of merit, one of the factors taken into account in the determination of the insurance premium to pay. Let's see in detail what are the data related to insurance situation affecting the cost of the policy:

The three items that make the car policy 2016

At this point you can determine the cost of auto insurance. But how exactly is made a Auto insurance? Let's see what are the three factors that, added together, make up the car policy.

  1. Pure premium: is the single most important factor, accounting for 53.5% of the total insurance premium, and that is what is determined by the factors previously analyzed. And 'composed by 68% from the damages relating to individuals, 32% from damage related to things.
  2. Uploads: are a relatively unimportant factor, going to affect the 16% of the insurance premium as a whole. These cover the costs incurred by the insurance companies, which are calculated through numerous entries.
  3. Fees and taxes: they are an important factor, which is incident to 26.5% on the cost of the policy. Fees and taxes are not dependent, however, by insurance companies, therefore, regard this factor is not possible to make comparisons.
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