Best Home Insurance Companies 2016


List Of Home Insurance Companies 2016 - Find home insurance quote 2016 or homeowners insurance ? With Postaprotezione House Special can build a protection tailored to protect the tranquility of your family and the things that you care about. Today, with a great innovation: with the guarantee Fire Protection bills and expenses that provides for the payment of bills in case unexpected events of life do not allow most to meet the costs of home ( best home insurance 2016 ).

You can opt for full coverage - and get a discount of 10% - or choose to combine the different formulas Fire, Theft and Householder, all perfectly able to defend yourself against the financial consequences of the various contingencies that may occur in everyday life. ( Country : Top Company in Florida, Texas, PA, louisiana, UK , Australia )

Best Home Insurance Companies 2016 

In addition to covers fire and theft is combined service Support House, which puts at your disposal 24 hours on 24 and every day of the year, an organizational structure ready to promptly send to your home the right professional for each type of emergency. Looking for best home owners insurance companies 2016 ?

The warranty that protects you from damage that can threaten the integrity and value of your home ( Check home insurance comparison 2016 ), whether owned or rented, protecting you:
  • from water damage, fire, explosion, blast;
  • from damage that, as the party civilly liable, you may be required to pay to third parties as a result of fire, explosion and blast occurred in your apartment;
  • and more, with the guarantee Fire Protection bills and expenses: the ability to repay all bills for heating, electricity, gas, water, and telephone service charges belonging to housing ensured maturing within 12 months, in the event of unemployment, permanent disability due to injury or illness increased by 30%, temporary disability due to accident or illness, or serious illness of the contractor.
Sign the product is simple: you just have to declare the commercial square meters of your home.

Gross premiums monthly Fire Protection include bills and expenses and Support Home

€ 10.92
€ 6.47
€ 14.10
€ 7.74
terraced house
€ 20.25
€ 10.20
terraced house
€ 23.30
€ 11.42
With this coverage, to complement the products Fire or Householder, protect your assets, including appliances (garage, cellar, attic) in case of theft, robbery and vandalism resulting therefrom. 

Best Information About homeowners insurance companies 2016. With this coverage, to match the guarantees fire and / or theft, risarcisci damage involuntarily caused to third parties of your family, of your household employees, from your pets or yourself (for example: a vase falls from ledge hitting a passer; your dog bites a neighbor, doing sports cause significant harm to someone).
It 'also provided a guarantee for Legal Protection, to provide legal assistance or expert procedures for each type and grade for insured events and to guarantee, as specified in the policy, the reimbursement of expenses incurred in the defense of your rights. 

Before subscribing you should read the Information Note and Conditions of Insurance for more information on guarantees, the conditions of insurance, the risks excluded and exemptions ( homeowners insurance ). For your best home 2016.
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