Best Australian Spring Summer 2015 Trends


Australian latest fashion trends 2015 - The four fashion weeks for spring-summer 2015 were completed in the name of great lightness, simplicity and the absence of exasperation. It promises before us a carefree season that transforms trends in strong issues.

We return to the essentials of dresses non-binding and a serene quiet luxury that is shown in a modern freshness of genuine materials and infinite colors and subdued. There seems to be room for exaggeration. Everything is understated. Appears exceeded even the pure austerity that is influenced by the elegance and fragility becoming a form of romance checked.

Here are the most significant trends for the upcoming summer season in Australia. ( Australian Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Trends / Forecast)

ELEGANCE militaristic: The military is elegant this year through different interpretations of the field-jacket. Alessandra Facchinetti for Tod's and Victoria Beckham interpret it with the complete with large pockets, structured and particularly refined in total white, while Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel creates a flowing maxi-Saharan Africa with frayed edges. The typical military green appropriates femininity by Marc Jacobs and Alessandro Dell'Acqua to # 21 with the sexy mini dresses cinched at the waist.

SUMMER GINGHAM: The Ghingham, or Vichy, is a lightweight cotton fabric with a typical drawing squares that is often associated with a picnic in the summer, trendy childhood and the fifties. Has a quintessence of innocence and is the perfect fabric if you want to express the concept of femininity naive with a touch of elegance, without having to resort to floral prints.
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