Style : Latest Fashion Trends 2015/2016


Style : Latest Fashion Trends 2015/2016 - Paris serves as the terminus to the trends for spring summer 2015, scoring once again, the success of the week waiting for the fashion addict and insiders.

Fing Latest Fashion Trends 2015 for women ? Undisputed protagonists of the parades, and why not, the entire parterre of VIPs and the press, ready to witness the great event (or rather the big show) with outfits for the occasion, impeccable snobbery and of course personal enthusiasm and work . From the Eiffel Tower, at Somerset House, the Damrosch Park, the Milan Cathedral, the international fashion district of Milan, the luxury hotel and the historic Via Tortona in the Italian capital of fashion.

Latest Fashion Trends 2015/2016

These enchanting backgrounds who have alternated the creations of famous fashion designers in the world. On the catwalks Italian staged elegance, culture, architecture, painting and quality. The history and the past inspire the new collection for spring summer 2015 of King Karl for Fendi with specific expression in Eur, new home of the headquarters of Fendi in Rome, and a Roman transfigured. ( Australia - United Kingdom - New York - Singapore )

Abstract summer that the designer Angelo Marani Emilia inspired by the Lombard painter Luigi Veronesi, who loved to associate colors to the music. A summer colorful and musical, with a tribute to the 70, geometries music, pop colors, organza, multicolor fringes where the color of the inlays gives the whole collection a soul cheerful, very cheerful. Fashion is dynamic, hazard, eccentricity, talent and look at the world through his eyes is like being suddenly attractive in an enchanted atmosphere pervaded optimism, joy and hope. The capital of Paris, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, greets a week full of fashion and events where you are seen to alternate the creations of the famous fashion designer with parades, parties and opening

Shoes, trends for autumn / winter 2014-2015

Latest Fashion Trends 2015/2016
Current fashion trends 2015 - Let's face it, in front of a nice pair of shoes there is no woman who resist the temptation to make them his own. But what are the trends to wear the foot in the fall / winter 2014-2015 to feel a real fashion victim? Among the proposals, pointing always to exalt the woman in all its beauty and complexity, there's something for all tastes.

One of the most interesting trends of the cold season concerns the cut-out shoes or shoes with special cutouts along the upper or cut profiles in an unusual way: stylish, trendy, day or night, the important thing is that they have character and quirky details . The giants of the fashion industry have decided to enhance these models with quality materials, forms and glamorous colors that do not go unnoticed and that recall to a fall / winter particularly "Baroque". Yes and in gold, prints, bold colors such as green, red, fuchsia, royal blue and yellow.


New Fashion Trends 2015 - What are the bags that will trend in 2015 ? Here are all the trends and ideas to be fashionable. For those who wonder what are the bags that will be fashionable in the fall / winter 2015-2016, here's a little 'answers. From bags jewel in the shoulder, that's all the trends to follow to be always on top. The forms are varied and range from the most casual, ideal to wear in everyday life, in the most elegant and sophisticated models.


Latest Fashion Trends 2015/2016The big trend of 2015 will be the bags with handles. You will see the bags leather tote with two handles attached to the outside for a more raw impact and crafts. The chosen material will skin colors strong and vibrant. Will also top handle bags with silhouettes more structured than the past few seasons. In addition to the metal details, which will sprout everywhere, the handle will be bigger and decorated with braids and fringes. On the street there will also be the pilot, which are inspired by the classic men's briefcases. A practical model and perfect for use everyday. The models will be clutch or with buckle closure. You will see leather, with metal details, and brightly-toned typical of autumn-winter season, from orange to gray.
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