Best Windows Antivirus 2015


Free Download Windows Antivirus 2015 - Windows is still the most popular operating system on PCs and laptops, and the need to protect it is not less. Many of today's threats are no more floppy disks or CDs but from the web and the web that have to watch the modern security solutions, free and fee. Here are the best five.

Best Windows Antivirus 2015After installing Windows 7 on your machine (and I hope you understand that of course we are not talking car) you will be facing, as regularly accessed by all Windows operating systems) of having to install an antivirus. The question therefore arises naturally: I install any antivirus without any compatibility problem? My current antivirus, already mounted on Xp and / or views, will it work? What we will show is an excellent and comprehensive antivirus testing that can provide useful information. In principle, it should work regularly any antivirus, thanks to the work done by the development team on the compatibility of the software. Unfortunately, however, not always the case.

Bitdefender free trial virus protection for Windows 2015

Find free computer virus protection ? In the review Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows try the famous anti-virus software from the PC world, in the version for Apple computers. Protects Windows from any malware, including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, keyloggers, adware and rootkits, disseminated through files, applications, internet and email.

In the review Software Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows we test one of the antivirus and anti-malware most famous and appreciated worldwide PC-Windows, for some time now also available for the Apple computer. Although it is widely thought that the operating systems for Windows enjoy full immunity from the virus, so it really is not.

Best free virus protection 2015 ?

"Free Download Windows AntiVirus Protection 2015 ?" Bitdefender offers the user a simple and immediate, but deep, with multiple layers of protection. The "Anti-Phishing" instead protects the user from websites created specifically for malicious purposes, able to trick users and get them to reveal their personal information. The function phishing protects in real time from these fraudulent attempts by checking the websites from the first access and alerting the user even before the threat is operational.

Best Antivirus for mobile free download 2015

Antivirus for mobile free download ( Windows Phone ) - Is getting wider the spread of malware for mobile phones, and F-Secure will expand in turn the range of security products. The Finnish company announces fact that F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus will be offered in a version for Windows Mobile 5.0, in addition to the support already offered for products based on Symbian and Windows Mobile 2003.

"The decision to support the environment of the latest generation of Microsoft - the company said in a statement - stems from its growing popularity with the consequent increase in the risk that more and more in the future may be a target for virus writers."
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