Definitely : 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week


Here are all the symptoms of an existing pregnancy ( Pregnancy - Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, Breast, Pregnancy Symptoms, Fertile period ). You do not know if you're pregnant or not ? If you have not done a pregnancy test, run to buy it, in the meantime, here is what are the symptoms that indicate the onset of a recent pregnancy or early signs of Pregnancy.

Definitely : 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week

Pregnancy symptoms 

Pregnancy symptoms - The initial symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, and, in the same woman, from pregnancy to pregnancy. However, one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy is the non-arrival of menstruation. Indeed this is the first TRUE symptoms of pregnancy, all the others are very subjective.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of pregnancy is important because each symptom may be related to something other than pregnancy. Some women experience the first symptoms of pregnancy within a week of conception. For other women, pregnancy symptoms may develop over a few weeks or not present at all.

Below you will find a list of some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, the former are in more or less chronological order. Of course if you are looking for a child or have had unprotected comprehensive reports and experience any of these symptoms, especially if menstruation did not occur when they had to, it is important to perform a pregnancy test.

Surely the first symptom if and when it occurs, is represented by losses from plant, all the others can occur at any time order. even if the missed period, are rarely off the podium. Definitely Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week

1. Losses from embryo implantation

First Early Signs of Pregnancy - Spotting implant can be one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. About 5-8 days after conception, the embryo implants in the uterine wall. Losses can be associated with the menstrual like pains. Not all observe these losses, but often they are the exception and not the norm. There are other reasons that may cause spotting intra-cycle and are represented by the losses that anticipate menstruation, or they may be due to breakage of some capillary, small abrasions or even to infections. So if you have an ongoing pregnancy is always good to tell your doctor if you experience blood loss without special reasons. .

2. Menses late

When menstruation does not occur, the alarm is triggered. Will I be pregnant? And 'possible, but no. Menstruation usually occur about two weeks after ovulation and if for some reason it was late, too late menstruation will follow suit. Therefore it is always well to pay attention to the symptoms of ovulation to understand is when aiming to reports, is how long to wait to wait for menstruation and then also have a 'idea of when it will be possible to test if these do not occur.

Menstruation also occur if you are pregnant?

In some cases it can happen to record a slight spotting or a pseudo-menstruation also in case of pregnancy just established. It is a few spots and not the usual flow. If therefore the cycle that comes has a different texture and is very, very scarce than usual, there is not the normal flow and ends immediately, then you can suspect pregnancy

There are other reasons why menstruation does not occur?

Yes, for example because you ovulated late or has not ovulated at all; or for some heart hormone due to various factors such as stress, a change in habits, a strong weight loss and so on.

Although it has stopped the pill recently cycle may struggle to return and this is because our body takes a little 'to rediscover the natural rhythms.

3. Breast: sizes increase, the nipples change

Early Signs of Pregnancy - The voltage at the breast, and a fuller breasts are one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. In my case, for example, made me suspect pregnancy even before the delay of menstruation.

And 'normal to have a little' tension breast after ovulation, the effect of progesterone that is produced by the corpus luteum after the release of the egg cell. Progesterone production increases in the case of pregnancy, after implantation of the embryo in the uterus. Therefore you can try a higher voltage breast already after 1-2 weeks after conception.

Obviously pregnancy is not the only responsible for a breast piĆ  sensitive and swollen. May be due to the assumption of the birth control pill, hormonal or just a bit of trouble with premenstrual syndrome.

The nipples may be subject to change: the areolas fact may become darker. The tubercles of Montogomery can you become more evident but late pregnancy, in the second quarter in general.

4. Nausea and morning hyperemesis

This is a sore point for those who have suffered or currently suffers. One of the worst and hassles that often goes hand in hand with vomiting. In the latter case attention all'iperemesi gravidarum, which should not be underestimated in order to avoid dehydration.

Sickness usually begin to appear from 2 to 8 weeks after conception and typically cease with the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Warning: do not need to suffer from nausea when you are pregnant so do not panic if the test is positive and you are comfortable. Who suffered there to envy for sure and then enjoy your well-being that is priceless !!!


5. Fatigue and sleepiness

fatigue and / or most sleepiness is one of the first symptoms appearing in the case of pregnancy. You get the urge to fall asleep anywhere? Do you feel exhausted? This may be an effect of pregnancy hormones circulating but also be due to something else. So go for exclusion. If you do not have a fever or any ongoing infection. and overall were good, could actually be a symptom of pregnancy.

6. "I pee all the time"

Many write to me brought me back this symptom and wondering if it could be a sign of pregnancy. From experience I can say I tried this hassle (because in fact continue to go to the bathroom at night is not pleasant) later in the pregnancy, but especially the third quarter from the second, when the child was heavy on the bladder. Before almost nothing. But many in the first weeks (6-8) indicate a more frequent urination.

But do not mistake this "symptom" with a sign of infection. For example cystitis is a urinary tract infection that causes frequent urination but is accompanied by burning / pain and should be treated promptly.

7. Crampetti abdominal ( cramping )

During the first weeks of pregnancy you may have slight crampetti ( cramping ) in the uterus. If you have severe pain instead you should report them to your doctor immediately.

8. Headache

The sore test often accompanies the first few weeks of pregnancy expectant mothers. If you suspect a pregnancy or if you are trying to become pregnant, do not take medication without telling your doctor.

9. cravings or desires

Very often, pregnancy changes the tastes and preferences of expectant mothers. Some foods literally fall from grace, then return in the diet (but not always) after the birth of the baby. Other times you feel the uncontrollable desire to eat certain types of food or particular foods. Often in early pregnancy you have a preference for salty foods, for example. Do not confuse this with the typical premenstrual symptom when you usually triggers a craving sugar.

10. Positive pregnancy test

The test "cut the Gordian knot" and allows us to understand if indeed all the symptoms that we feel are real or fantasintomi. you might like to read also: When do the pregnancy test ?

or: You can make the stick instead of ovulation pregnancy test ?

These are the early symptoms of pregnancy, if you want to read all the ones that are also seen in the following months see also: all the symptoms of pregnancy. Thank You for Read "Definitely : 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week"
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