Best Family Cars 2016 ( Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan vs Fiat 500L )


Best Family Car 2016

Cheap family cars 2016 - 2017 - When you are young you choose the car exclusively in accordance with your taste and disposable income. Growing things change, when you have family you have to consider several aspects, the most important: the seats, the comfort and the spaciousness of the vehicle. looking for the best family cars australia 2016 - 2017 ?

The Best Family Car 2016

The types of cars are most recommended for the family: station wagon, minivan and crossover. Among the most beautiful and inviting the cars purchased in 2016 ( 2017 ) is certainly the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan, a variant of the Golf MPV: seats comfortable and spacious and very roomy trunk.

The very Italian Fiat 500 L is another candidate as the best family car of 2016 - 2017. Only 4 meters and 35 for version 7 Living places. This car is available on the marked with different engines: petrol, diesel, LPG and natural gas.

The Kia Cee'd station wagon is the third candidate, very roomy trunk. Do not be fooled by the little known brand, it is a turbodiesel 1.6 well designed and spacious.

So the alternatives out there, a lot depends on your needs and how you are going to spend.
Today we speak of compact cars for the family: Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan vs Fiat 500L. It is a comparison a bit 'risky, of course, considering the price difference that separates the product from the Italian Teutonic, but the public that aim is exactly the same. Young families, maybe with one child, or people who love sports, and in leisure time they need a large trunk to load equipment for their hobby. The 500L, the Cinquino in "Large", is a success in Italy, confirming the first choice of our compatriots in its segment, building on its attractive value for money. The Golf Sportsvan, however, is the MPV variant of the famous sedan Wolfsburg, to launch in recent weeks. He debuted with the will to do better than the outgoing model (Golf Plus), offering itself in a completely new look.


It opens the door of the Fiat 500L and leads to a colorful interior and once again a bit 'showy, just as the aesthetics. The eye wants its part, certainly, but all without sacrificing convenience, fundamental aspect in a minivan. There are, in fact, storage compartments scattered here and there, as is also abundant interior space. The materials are of quality in line with the price range and you might want some coating softer to the touch, but in principle is in line with expectations.

The door of the Golf Sportsvan has some weight and immediately gives a feeling of quality and solidity. The interiors are just the German: simple, rational and painstaking attention to detail. The dashboard has a familiar and modern, with all controls exactly where you expect them to us. Door panels and dashboard are soft plastic, pleasant to the eye and to the touch. The finishes are at the top, as well as assemblies.

Volkswagen was at his best in terms of interior and deserves a victory. Two to one for the German.

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