Top Best SUV 2016 Canada ( Mazda CX-5 )


Top Best SUV 2016 Canada ( Mazda CX-5 )

The Best SUV 2016 Canada - Reviews about best rated suv canada in 2016. The Mazda CX-5 is a medium SUV with room for four passengers, has a personal line (but the interiors are guilty of personality) and behavior on the road to the top of its class: the curves between the roll does not disturb too much, and the limits of estate are high. All-wheel drive gives security funds slimy. Convinces the 2.2 twin-turbo diesel: in spite of a power not record (it is also available from 175 hp) has good qualities of shooting and shooting, revealing at the same time quite frugal. Sophisticated and efficient automatic transmission. Correct, by virtue of the allocation and technical content, the price. Best SUVs Canada.

This is Best Suv in canada 2016

Rich and at ease everywhere

This is Best Suv in canada 2016. Size does not preclude the use in the city, where the maneuvers are facilitated by the presence of parking sensors and reversing camera fitted as standard; nell'extraurbano and highway emerge a good steering precision and a comfort appreciable. The interior space is good for four people, a bit 'less than five; adequate load capacity and well modulated space, although it lacks the sliding rear seat. Convince both the structure as mechanics; steering, while valid, is missing a bit 'precision. The equipment is complete, just to the functional part, as security, where stands the brake assist. Suvs Car in Canada.

Best compact suv canada 2016 - The Mazda CX-5 is the direct result, at least in style, the Shinari concept, presented in 2010: the forms are soft and harmonious lines, with a roof that slopes towards the rear window and a very high waistline, lightened by a rib that runs along the side. The result is pleasant, thanks to the imposing front grille with the large rounded in contrast to thin clusters, targeted use of plastic inserts to ease the massive bumpers and the cut of the small rear windows, that streamline the C-pillars. The tail is also streamlined livery clearer: on the headlights thin band that frames reflectors and rear exhaust.

The interior is enriched, in setting Exceed, the leather seats: the quality of the material is high, the profiling sporty and sufficiently soft padding. Electrically adjustable and are separated by an armrest that has a pull-out shelf and hidden from view sockets USB and aux relating to additional sources for the audio system as standard. The rear seat, which is also covered in leather, is comfortable for two: the third passenger is, in fact, hindered by the shape of the backrest, which protrudes in the lower part. If you must drive in five, on the other hand, you can lower the large rear armrest, within which there are two useful portalattina. Generous, usable as the trunk, as will be seen below, the modulation of the space could be better.

The 2.2 diesel Mazda CX-5 is supercharged with a two-stage turbocharger, which combines the boost at low engine with a volumetric that the high typical turbo. On this occasion we tried the less powerful version, which has 150 hp. The exhibition Exceed is the richest available: provides standard ABS, front and side airbags (front only; on the other hand, those for the head are standard for all passengers), alloy wheels 19 "," climate "Automatic dual-zone, traction control and stability, navigation system, the previously mentioned hi-fi sourced Bose, the cruise control to the automatic cruise control, electrically adjustable mirrors, leather interior, front and rear parking sensors with rear view camera and brake assist up to 30 km / h.

Best and Top used suv canada 2016

( It travels well in four )
Best and Top used suv canada 2016 -The interior has more lights than shadows: well conceived as regards the use of space, however, slips on some finishes not up. Satisfactory solutions for storing small items. The interior space is good for four people, less for five because of the shape of the rear seat, which forces the eventual fifth passenger in a little sitting relaxed. In spite of a high load threshold, the boot is generous, usable, even if the rear seat is not smooth.

Dashboard and controls
It is likely that Mazda designers have reserved for outside their stylistic flashes: the interior, in fact, are based on maximum simplicity. The atmosphere is cozy thanks in leather dall'allestimento Exceed expected: the materials are of good quality overall, although there are some falls ill suited to the style class of the Mazda CX-5. The glove compartment, for example, is spacious, but lacks sound-absorbing elements and the opening braking. Proper arrangement of controls: only those less frequently used are not easily accessible.

Notes on the front seats: electrically adjustable and heated, are a good compromise between comfort and sportiness, with soft padding and banks well profiled. The risk of fatigue on long trips or of little reduction when cornering is averted. The rear seat of the Mazda CX-5 is comfortable for two people, which lack space in length only in the front seats fully arrears; the third passenger is not sacrificed too much in width, but runs into a backrest, whose seat is all too prominent, and with the center tunnel (which, unfortunately, does not provide for any nozzle conditioning).

It does not disappoint the luggage capacity: 463 liters expandable to 1,620 by folding the rear seat, which is split into three parts and the release mechanism and controlled by tilting levers easily accessible. Exceeded the threshold of load placed in a 75 cm from the ground, you can stow objects up to 196 cm deep (with the rear seats down and the front seat fully forward). Here are some useful tips that are found in the Mazda CX-5: the canopy that rises along the door and that, under normal conditions, protects the load from prying eyes, the two wells located close to the wheel arches, which separate space for a total of 36 cm. Too bad, however, missing the chance to slide the rear seat: an absence ever more justifiable than the earnings hooks Bag hook.

You can go everywhere (or almost)
Helped in city parking sensors and reversing camera, thanks to not excessively big and a very well-managed chassis, the Mazda CX-5 is at ease in every situation. All-wheel drive is controlled by electronics and comes to distributing torque up to 50% between the two axles: helps on all funds. More sports that comfortable suspensions, to the advantage of driving precision. Elastic really the engine: power and consumption are not record-breaking, but the end result is worth noting. This is real best suvs 2015. stay in Canada.

In the city
If the high belt line and the rear window of small size do fear the worst, we think of the parking sensors front and rear as standard, as does the rear view camera, to help in the city: strong of a length just over four and a half meters The Mazda CX-5 can improvise supermini with a certain nonchalance. In traffic, you can appreciate the automatic 6 relations: the principle of operation is that of a conventional torque converter in place of the double clutch so much in vogue today, but smoothness of operation and rapidity of intervention does not lend to criticism. The steering is direct and light enough; suspension filtered potholes with aplomb and the engine full of torque allow a march in suppleness. Without forgetting that the Stop & Start helps save fuel in city traffic.

Out of town
The suspension filtered properly the bumps and, although a bit 'hard ever, contain the roll on a level much lower than what you would expect from a medium to high center of gravity as the Mazda CX-5. Accomplices chassis and steering well calibrated, give the car an agile and safe behavior in the mixed. The ESP intervention is non-invasive: in tight corners addressed at high speed, the rear end is slipped just enough to allow a rapid realignment acting on throttle and steering. The slightly oversteering behavior, typical of a rear wheel drive, becomes progressively neutral with the action of the torque splitter which supervises the operation of the wheel drive: the vehicle comes to transfer torque to the front axle up to 50% depending the conditions of the road, to the benefit of safety, even where this is slimy. Just off the road is barred to the Mazda CX-5 (which also can venture on some dirt road), due to the absence of reduced system speed limitation downhill, and the center differential lock.

In highway
At 130 mph, the 2.2 turbodiesel dozing just 2,400 rpm, to the advantage of quiet running and consumption. The impressive front section of the Mazda CX-5, however, means that the latter are not to record, even if the 11.8 km / l detected are not to be despised. Audible, but not enough to annoy, wind noise. Less permissive nell'extraurbano action the ESP at high speed: intervene immediately, helping to realign the car in potential emergency situations. Always good directional stability in straight, thanks also to the generous footprint of the tires.

( Almost faultless )
Significant results expressed Euro NCAP: in case of a collision, the Mazda CX-5 in more than adequately protect passengers and pedestrians. The crash tests the attribute, in fact, five-star, who also excels for the effectiveness of driver assistance devices with which it can be fitted.

The indispensable Abs is helped by electronic traction control (control with hill holder for hill starts), the electronic distribution of braking force and assistance to the emergency braking (active up to 30 km / h and very useful in city microtamponamenti to avoid and safeguard pedestrians): along with electronic stability control, are part of the standard features of the Mazda CX-5. On the front-airbags, there are only those side for those traveling behind; They are part of the standard package cruise control and fog lights. Good results expressed by fearsome Euro NCAP crash test: the maximum score of five stars attributed to the Japanese are the result of the 94% scored for adult occupant protection, 87% for children transported on a seat Isofix (whose attacks, the CX-5, are standard) and 64% for the protection of pedestrians in case of unfortunate investment. The latter is the only data not optimal, which is matched by the 86% achieved by the devices that "help" security.

( Apply authoritative )
Japan holds good cards for a place under the sun in the crowded field of suv midrange: aesthetics convincing, the content is rich and the driving behavior of the first order. In addition, the equipment is complete, the interior space plentiful, and the engine is well tuned to the character of the car, as well as steering and transmission.

There is little to add: the Mazda CX-5 is proposed as a means of convincing and the personal line and the dynamic behavior that has little to envy to that of a sedan. Rich are much equipment as the technology, although some materials and finishes are too cheap: venial sins aside, the Japanese SUV in preparation Exceed can be integrated with the package that includes bi-xenon headlamps, the device to prevent the jump lane unintentionally and the sunroof. For a few hundred euro more you can do a thought to the engine from 175 hp, while the even more brilliant brother valid by 150. That will not be a sprinter pure (as the surveys are very respectable), but that of Safe proves a great long-distance rider. Convincing the automatic transmission requires a greater outlay but allows a more relaxed and comfortable, revealing, as needed, can be adapted for recreational use. Mazda CX-5 is the Best SUV 2016 Canada.
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